Raphael Mendes
Design & Photo
Toronto, Canada

Jil Sander S/S 19

Commissioned by Jil Sander, and exclusively made for the Spring/Summer 19 Men's Collection. Based on a personal project called Love Letter, a fanzine made in the course of a relationship, while archiving messages, photos and memorable events.

I wanted to keep the same feeling for the new photos and collages, capturing the atmosphere of an affective relationship. The boys at the photos are João and Bernardo, in that time they used to be lovers.

Dale Bartholomew Cooper

Returning the fan to the fanzine.
Before there was internet for celebrity gossip and online quizzes, people used to buy magazines. Trying to play with the 90s feeling, this publication is dedicated to all of Twin Peaks and Agent Cooper’s fans.

Dale Cooper is a fictional character from Twin Peaks, an American mystery horror drama television series created by Mark Frost and David Lynch.


This publication will draw your attention to a very important number, 7.

The seven days of creation, the seven days of a week, the seven deadly sins, the seven chakras, and many other coincidences and obvious meanings attached to this number.

Travel Map

Different cities with different friends. Photos shot during some trips in the past few years became 5 zines, each one about one destination.

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